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Por | junio 27, 2010
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The history of England cricket started for more than 500 years, since then the sport has gained great popularity in over 120 countries, where are held important competitions.


India is a country that has embraced as his own in this exciting sport that has become the most popular sport in the country. Cricket India England has many similarities because the rules are almost exact. Cricket has no foul territory, no balls or strikes, and the batter does not have to run when he hits the ball. The cricket batter also has a partner who stands at the opposite wicket with a bat. If the batter hits the ball, both players then simultaneously run to their opposite wickets. Once they are both over the popping crease at the opposite wicket, one run is scored. If the batter hits the ball far enough, he and his partner can continue to run back and forth from wicket to wicket, scoring another run each time they switch wickets. If the batter hits a fly ball out of the ground, much like a “home run,” his team gets six automatic runs. If the batter hits a ground ball out of the playing area, the team gets four automatic runs. The batter does not come out after scoring a run but continues to hit until he is put out.

The Cricket India England teams have met only once in the Cricket World Cup. At that time England beated India by seven wickets.

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